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NIRS Special Galleries

Below is our collection of Special Galleries. Click on any thumbnail to view a Photo Album (Wait until all album thumbnails have appeared for the gallery to function properly).  Return to the NIRS Home Page.

Our Most Recent Special Galleries

Pilchuk Tour 2019 Propagation Group 2019 CVRG 20th Celebration


Our Previous Special Galleries


Featured Rhodos Work Parties 2006 Christmas 2006 BOVI Open 2007 Whidbey Visit 2007
Whidbey Tour 2008 Victoria Tour 2009 Prop Group 2010 Powell River 2010 Pauline’s Tea 2011
Van Ree Visit 2011 MARS Bus Trip 2011 Salt Spring Trip 2012 Whidbey Visits NIRS 2012 ARS Conference (Nanaimo) 2012
Pruning  Workshop 2013
Prop Group 2013
Salt Spring Visit 2013 Cowichan Bus Trip 2013 Whitbey Trip 2014

Prop Group 2015

Propagation Group 2016
Bus Trip 2016
Propagation Group 2017
Whidbey Visit 2017
CVRG 20th 2017 Milner Species 2018 Prop Group 2018 Cowichan Tour 2018