Videos – RCM Group, RHS

Videos – Rhododendron Camellia & Magnolia Group, RHS

Russell Beeson’s Town Garden
time: 6:03 (min:sec)

Russell Beeson is well known to many of us as a ‘showman supremo’ at our various competitions and for his wonderful contributions both in written words in our publications and the spoken variety at our Branch meetings in the south where he regularly wows us with the extraordinary range of plants he grows in his small suburban garden near Poole.


Early Flowers at Minterne Gardens
time: 3:56 (min:sec)

Take a look around Minterne Gardens with Head Gardener Mark Bobin at some of the early flowering plants that thrive in this woodland garden located in Dorset. This is the first snippet from the Rhododendron, Camellia and Magnolia Group.