What’s Blooming in 2021

What’s Blooming In 2021

There may be a short delay before galleries that you choose appear on your screen.  Each gallery might contains several pages of thumbnails of up to twenty photographs per page.  The photographs require time to download.  Close this browser tab or choose one of these links to Return to the NIRS Home Page.

Our current What’s Blooming Gallery – “What’s Blooming: July 11 to July 31, 2021 ” is updated frequently (new photos are added as they become available).  Occasionally, photos are submitted as ‘Unknown’ or ‘Unk’ –  indicating that the name of the plant is unknown to the photographer.  If, while you are viewing the gallery, you recognize one of these “Unks”, please email our Webmaster with the correct name.  Include any relevant information that you may have.  Alternately, you may email our Webmaster using the “email our Webmaster” sub-menu item under the “Contact Us” menu.