NIRS Members’ Library

Below are links to the lists of books currently in the NIRS Library. Members may borrow books, magazines and DVDs from the library:

Library Listings Alphabetical By Title
Library Listings by Category

Our Library is open during the monthly meetings.  New books and magazines are purchased from time to time.  Ask our friendly Librarians for assistance.  When borrowing books, please be sure to sign them out on the library card and return them the following month.

New Additions to our library:

Eighth Wonder of the World – Exbury Gardens & Rothschilds” by Lionel de Rothchild
The New Shade Garden: Creating a Lush Oasis in the Age of Climate Change” by Ken Druse
The Explorer’s Garden: Shrubs and Vines from the Four Corners of the World” by Daniel J. Hinkley
In Veronica’s Garden” by Margaret Cadwaladr
Woodland Gardening” by Kenneth Cox (see video of Ken Cox describing his newest book)

Book Reviews

The New Shade Garden
by Ken Druce
The Explorer’s Garden: Shrubs and Vines
by Daniel J. Hinkley
In Veronica’s Garden
by Margaret Cadwaladr
Woodland Gardening
by Kenneth Cox
(YouTube video)

Magazine Subscriptions

“Fine Gardening” – USA
“The Garden” – Royal Horticultural Society, England
“Gardens Illustrated” – England