Rhododendrons Love the Comox Valley

The North Island chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is based in the beautiful Comox Valley.  Serving the surrounding communities of northern Vancouver Island,  this ARS chapter is a welcoming place to enjoy rhododendrons and azaleas.  Our regular meetings occur on the second Tuesday of each month (except May thru August) at the United Church in Comox – 250 Beach Drive.

April 2nd Executive Meeting:

The March 5th, 2019 executive meeting will be held at the home of Judy Walker at 146 Gage Rd. in Comox. The meeting will begin at 10:00 am.  Members are asked to review the March executive meeting minutes and reports in preparation for the meeting.

April 9th General Meeting:



For our April 9th meeting, NIRS Past President Judi Murakami will present a colourful presentation of gardens toured in Bremen, Germany last spring while attending the 2018 ARS Convention.



Rhododendron of the Month:

 ‘Cunningham’s White’


‘Cunningham’s White’ is probably one of the best known white flowering rhododendron hybrids. This prolific, year-to-year bloomer has large trusses of showy white flowers that create a beautiful contrast to the dark green leaves. With dense habit, it generally grows 4 feet in 10 years but left unpruned it can grow to 10 feet tall. Hardy to -15°F (-26°C) this rhododendron thrives in cooler regions, but benefits from protection from winter winds.

It was an early hybrid introduced in 1830 by hybridizer James Cunningham of Comely Bank Nurseries in Edinburgh, Scotland. His hybrid R. ‘Cunningham’s White’ very well may hold the record for the most propagated rhododendron ever. To this day, it is still the best rootstock for grafted plants and used throughout the world for grafting rhododendrons. There are many great hybrids with R. ‘Cunningham’s White’ in their parentage.