ARS Bronze Medals

The American Rhododendron Society’s  Bronze medal is the highest ARS award presented by individual chapters in recognition of significant contributions by its members towards the betterment of the chapter.

To read the ARS Bronze Medal citation for each NIRS recipient, click on either their photograph or name.  To return to this page, click on the “Awards” menu item (or tab).


Jo Ann Foster

June 1995

Harry Wright

June 1995

Mary Palmer

June  1996

Gwen Wright

June 1997

Len and Madeleine Simmons

December 1998

Pauline and Richard Bonney

June 1999

Barbara and Bill Rozel

December 1999

Bernie Guyader

May 2000

Marleen and Dave Crucq

June 2003

Don Law

June 2004

Paul Wurz

June 2004

Diana Scott

June 2007

Dave and Noni Godfrey

December 2007

Evelyn Wright

September 2008

Lois Clyde

June 2011

Christine Aldred

June 2012

Brian Staton

June 2012

Pauline Thompson

June 2013

Nadine Boudreau

December 2013

Ann Chevrier

May 2015

Jake and Claudia Ellis

June 2016

Wolfgang Hoefgen

June 2017

Helena Stewart Zukowski

December 2017

Robert Argall

June 2018

Frances Thornton

September 2018
Antje Guertler

December 2018