Jill Gould

Bronze Medal Awarded to NIRS Member

Jill Gould – September 10th, 2019

NIRS Bronze Medal Award:

It was with great pleasure that President Maureen Denny presented the American Rhododendron Society Bronze Medal to Jill Gould on September 10th, 2019. The ARS Bronze Medal is awarded for outstanding contributions to a Chapter and is the highest commendation awarded by a local Chapter in the Society.

Jill joined the North Island Rhododendron Society in January 2010. She quickly became an active member of the club, attending meetings and helping out with events, including our major fundraisers, the Rhododendron Sale and Truss Show and our Mother’s Day Garden Tour. At our Annual General Meeting in 2014, Jill became part of the Executive Board as a Director, taking on the position of Membership Chair, which she held until 2018. Jill’s organization skills and friendly manner kept our Membership rolls in good order and welcomed both members and guests at each meeting.

As well as participating in club activities, Jill shared her interest and expertise in a variety of garden-related areas. In addition to an extensive knowledge of plants, Jill has a special interest in entomology. Her contributions to our Newsletter and to a number of educational mini-sessions have been both interesting and informative. Jill is a valued member of the NIRS Propagation group, helping with its many hands-on activities and sharing her skills in that area. Continuing in her ‘front of house’ role, Jill is currently welcoming members and guests at our general meetings as the official ‘Greeter’.

We thank Jill for her many contributions to the Club and congratulate her on being awarded the ARS Bronze Medal by the North Island Rhododendron Society.

The Bronze Medal was presented as part of a framed certificate stating: “The American Rhododendron Society North Island Chapter Recognizes Jill Gould for the Bronze Medal Award for her many years of service and continued dedication to the Society September 2019

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