Nadine Boudreau

Bronze Medal Awarded to NIRS Member

Nadine Boudreau – December 10th, 2013

NIRS Bronze Medal Award:

It was with great pleasure that President Paul Wurz presented the American Rhododendron Society Bronze Medal to Nadine Boudreau on December 10th, 2013. The ARS Bronze Medal is awarded for outstanding contributions to a Chapter and is the highest commendation awarded by a local Chapter in the Society.

Nadine has served on the Executive since 2009, as a Director and Fundraising Chairperson. Nadine’s interest in rhododendrons has augmented her extensive knowledge of plants and experience in garden design. Nadine has written articles for our newsletter on Rhododendrons, companion plants and club outings. In addition to organizing our prize draws at meetings and bus tours, Nadine has played a significant role as Chair of our annual Rhododendron Sale and both organized and assisted with the fundraising Garden Tours.

An active participant at our social and work events, Nadine has been a tremendous asset to our club. For her many efforts on behalf of our Chapter, we congratulate Nadine on being awarded the ARS Bronze Medal.

The Bronze Medal was presented as part of a framed certificate stating: “NIRS recognizes Nadine Boudreau for the ARS Bronze Award for her many years of service and continued dedication to the Society.

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