Garden Visits 2018

Members’ Garden Visits 2018

Throughout the spring and summer months, some NIRS members open their gardens for viewing by our members. Starting on Sunday, April 8th, Robert Argall invited members to view his beautiful spring garden.

On Friday, May 11th, Bernie & Gloria Gudader opened their ‘Alpine Medows’ garden, complete with many bonsai plants.

Then on Tuesday, May 15th, two more gardens were made available for viewing – Charline & Terry Law at 10:30 AM followed by Lily & Jon Vanderhorst at 1 PM. The colours in these gardens were vivid under beautiful clear skies. Two days later, on Thursday evening May 17th, Helen & Joe Stefiuk opened their gorgeous garden.

Thanks to Diana Scott for sharing some of her wonderful photos.

If other members are willing to open their gardens for NIRS members to view, just let a member of our executive know.

This gallery contains a collection of the photographs taken at some of these gardens. View the Members’ Garden Visits 2018 Gallery