Garden Visits 2014

Members’ Garden Visits 2014

Each Summer NIRS members open their gardens for other members to tour.

Robert Argall was the first to open his garden on Good Friday, April 18th and the Snowbirds even gave us a salute flypast. Throughout the rest of the summer, there were many other gardens open for viewing by members.

Thanks to Brian & Barb Staton, Paul & Lynn Wurz, Wolfgang & Wilma Hoefgen, Ann Chevrier, Mike & Maureen Shipton and Dick Bonney for allowing members to view their beautiful gardens.

Ann Chevrier was especially pleased to show her garden with the new “crevice garden” addition built by NIRS Member Dany Fortin.

This gallery contains a collection of photographs taken at the various gardens this year. Special thanks to Lois Clyde and Diana Scott for sharing some of their wondeful photos.

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